Why the Blues love the European Team Championships
11/05/2017 (17h04)
Why the Blues love the European Team Championships
The European Team Championships are a must for French athletes. Within the core of the competition they rediscover the familiar team spirit advocated within the French team.
A long French history
04/05/2017 (12h09)
For the sixth time, France is preparing to host the European Team Championships, formerly known as the European Cup. It is a competition, which it has never previously organised in its new version, but has won acclaim across metropolitan France. The low-down on the series of achievements in Nice, Villeneuve d’Ascq, Paris and Annecy.
A France-Germany duel?
13/04/2017 (19h35)
In the absence of title holder Russia, suspended due to the IAAF’s sanctions following doping violations, Germany is being ventured as favourite for the 2017 edition of the European Team Championships. However, the French team, competing on home soil, has every intention of going for gold, given that it has not yet managed to secure the title since the introduction of the event’s mixed formula.
The public ticket office is now open!
01/03/2017 (15h31)
Initially reserved exclusively for French Athletics Federation members, the ticket office for the European Team Championships Super League is now also open to the general public. In addition to the 3-day pack on offer, it is possible to purchase one-day seats for the competition, which will run from 23 to 25 June at the Metropole Européenne de Lille stadium, northern France.